Just Because

-Apurv Chauhan


Just because I have never done drugs, doesn't mean I'm not cool ! 

Just because I am a virgin, doesn't make me lame. 

Just because I'm not a fighter, doesn't mean I'm weak.

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    Words not enough


You are the thought that starts each morning,

The conclusion to each day.

And yeah morning starts with simple msg and the day comes to an end with a cute trend of essay!

I think of you with all I do, and everything I say.


You are the smile on my face,

The twinkle in my eye.

That cute smile and a simple wink of yours make my day.

The warmth inside my heart, The fullness in my life.


You are the dimple in my cheek,

Yes. I know only one but still :p

The tingle in my soul.

The voice that makes me weak,

You're the one that makes me whole.

The amount of hatred you have for physics,

Double that amount and boom that’s my amount of love for you.

Lol ! You obviously know the comparison.

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Another Day !

- Apurv Chauhan

I can't stop thinking about the things we do for each other. I always think about the things i love about you. When i sit here and think about you, my feeling and my love grows deeper for your soul. 

Was just recalling our cute memories and just landed on our so called "date" at ccd ! 

Well that day was really an exceptional one. Seriously the way we talked, the way we shared. Simply standing on the road and taking selfies :p As usual we met by exchanging choclate :* I will never ever forge ... Read more »

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Growing Up ! 

                                                     -Apurv Chauhan

10 years ago I knew nothing but fun,

No place to go but fields under the sun. 

8 years ago I laughed at my mistakes. 

Now a single smile, I can't even make!

6 years ago I knew a bit about pain,

But there was always someone who could stop the rain.

4 years ago I could still dry my tears,

Now there's nothing I can do to ease my fears!

2 years ago I thought love was a fairy tale, 

I didn't know I was wrong until the day I faile ... Read more »

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~Best Friend Out There~

    - Apurv Chauhan

I really have a lot to say about you baks !

Well ! I can't revive all our memories of 14 years friendship,

You have always been there for me when in need or without need. But i was the one who was not there. Sorry ! 

I don't know what i would have done without you in my life.

You are kind, loving, caring. *Isse jyada jhuth nhi bol sakta main. You are just the opposite. You are an asshole! But with a cute ass and a large hole !

We shared a lot of laughter along the way. PJs. Lavaras.

We hold each other secrets, deep in our hearts. 

Never shall they be revealed.

Never shall we turn against each other.

If someone were to hurt you i would go crazy. As you know i always& ... Read more »

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    Dream in School.

                                  - Apurv Chauhan 


When I see you in the morning in school, I tend to smile. Not all day but for a while. 

I watch you as I turn around. I remember every single sound. 

I watch you as you look at me. A wink. That's when I see your beauty.

I start to frown when you look away i guess away is where you'll stay.

I think its better to sleep. 

I go into a dreamy gaze in my dream. I w ... Read more »

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That Day ! 

                                                                                                        - Apurv Chauhan

Well ! I still remember that day. Physics Test. "Lets go somewhere." :)

When i looked at you.. When i looked at you. #searching_for_words because a single line cannot descibe my feelings when i see you.

It makes my heart overwhelmed with love flowing from my spirit through my itty bitty tiny vein (Golgi Body) !

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Follow your dreams

                                      -Apurv Chauhan

I've my own dreams and own desires.

Something for which i'm keen and want to set the world on fire !

Life has waves, I know that.

But i stand brave and just take the crap.

I may feel exhausted and totally creamed, but no matter what, I FOLLOW MY DREAMS !

I dont want to follow the crowd,have a dream, heart is too loud.

I know my dream has a good scope, I'll surely ... Read more »

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Our First Meeting

                                       -Apurv Chauhan


I still remember the day we met for the first time. I knew the day we met, that we were meant to be ! I knew our fate was set t ... Read more »

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Well ! Where should i start from? Writing about that person is the most difficult task for any of the guys. If you are thinking that i will write everything about her, you are highly mistaken! As the blog limit will be definitely crossed. 


I dont know when you entered my heart. I dont know how your feeling flows. I dont know how deep is your love. You make every impossible possible. You make one alive and also dead for sure! You can make me cry. You can make me laugh. You can play magic in my life. You can play music in my love. You found my eyes. You stole my heart. I'm yours. 

I can sense myself losing control over my feelings I have towards you.
Since there are times where I wish we could get close, bu ... Read more »

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