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Words not enough !

    Words not enough


You are the thought that starts each morning,

The conclusion to each day.

And yeah morning starts with simple msg and the day comes to an end with a cute trend of essay!

I think of you with all I do, and everything I say.


You are the smile on my face,

The twinkle in my eye.

That cute smile and a simple wink of yours make my day.

The warmth inside my heart, The fullness in my life.


You are the dimple in my cheek,

Yes. I know only one but still :p

The tingle in my soul.

The voice that makes me weak,

You're the one that makes me whole.

The amount of hatred you have for physics,

Double that amount and boom that’s my amount of love for you.

Lol ! You obviously know the comparison.


You are all that I have ever wanted,

and all that I will need.

You are all that I think of,

You mean so much to me.

These are just words which can't describe you fully ! But still these words which are not enough are really true !


For that girl for whom my feelings will never ever fade. #blush ! 

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