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That Day !

That Day ! 

                                                                                                        - Apurv Chauhan

Well ! I still remember that day. Physics Test. "Lets go somewhere." :)

When i looked at you.. When i looked at you. #searching_for_words because a single line cannot descibe my feelings when i see you.

It makes my heart overwhelmed with love flowing from my spirit through my itty bitty tiny vein (Golgi Body) !

Thinking about that day when we met. It was like we were meant for one another.

The way we connected. The thoughts we shared. The love we showed. 

If only you could see and know that my heart is a passionate reflection of you that no one can ever undo. 

I simply stared at you. You spoke. I listened. Our conversation. The glow that your face gave, when i looked into your eyes it said that you will always be there for me.

Memories. Gossiped. Ride. Hug. Laugh. Tears.  Subway treat. Well that was "the date" ! 

I bet i can give everything. I bet i can take the entire world's pain. If i get to live those moments again.

For that girl for whom my feelings will never ever fade. For that cutest girl i have ever met. #blush !



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