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Well ! Where should i start from? Writing about that person is the most difficult task for any of the guys. If you are thinking that i will write everything about her, you are highly mistaken! As the blog limit will be definitely crossed. 


I dont know when you entered my heart. I dont know how your feeling flows. I dont know how deep is your love. You make every impossible possible. You make one alive and also dead for sure! You can make me cry. You can make me laugh. You can play magic in my life. You can play music in my love. You found my eyes. You stole my heart. I'm yours. 

I can sense myself losing control over my feelings I have towards you.
Since there are times where I wish we could get close, but couldnt.
Hold you in my arms to feel the warmth of your love from the friendship formed.
But I know well that it will never happen in life except only in my dreams of you.
Yet even there, nothing romantic happens between the two of us, just laughter as usual. 
It amazes me just how easy it is for us to continue being friends even after spilling my secret 2 months ago.  Because nothing changed between us, we’re still crazy around one another like before.
Always throwing yourself onto me, catching me off guard, busting out into another laugh.
Pretending to be husband and wife,*evil laugh dfferent affairs ! 
Only thing that’s different is my feelings I continue to hide in this one sided crush.
Keep me in line when I stray from the path that I chose to walk upon on my own.
I can’t tell you how much I appreciate every little thing you’ve done for me thus far.
Even after revealing the truth that I liked you, we continued to remain the best of friends.

Those flirts which i will never ever forget. Those moments teasing each other which i will never forget !Since nothing changed between us ’cause you continue to smile the moment I appear.
Always looking forward to our conversations, joking about the events of the night.
Spending time outside in the parking lot, acting like complete fools during daylight.
Never fail to get stares from the people that watch us interact with each other.
Only difference is that I continue to hide these feelings I have for this one sided crush.

Time will continue to pass us by in a blur and you’ll continue to be my best friend.
Even when these feelings begin to fade, I’ll continue to hold a special place in my heart.
Just for you since now we’re tied by the string of fate, nothing can separate us in life.
Since you always bring the sun out to my grey colored sky, making the rain clouds disappear.
Can’t fully express how much our friendship means to me, but I’ll shine brighter thanks to you.

‘Cause nothing changed between us, we’re still putting on a show for the world to see.
Smacking one another on the arm, calling each other names, sides hurting from laughing hard..
Only thing different is my feelings I continue to hide toward you in this one sided crush…

For that girl for whom my feelings will never ever fade. For that cutest girl i have ever met. #blush ! 


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