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What kind of world do i live in!

Where Making a gun license takes minutes and a car/scooter license hours!

Where the borders are protected by thousands of soldiers and the country itself is brewing terror !

Where people talk of honesty and the next moment they walk away by saying "usko pehle karne de"

Where the swachhta abhiyan is only seen in picture snaps and not being implemented becoz of us!

Where people talk big but have no intentions to work for the country! Where contamination is present everywhere from food to clothes to thoughts to governance !

Well mr.Modi is here to lead india,

A mess created by decades of misrule,

Well the perpetuators are already sleeping in their respectfully dug grave!

Someone needs to wake up to the needs of this motherland!

All i wish is this prejudice ends,

Lest india will be a backward country.

Howsoever infrastructure and development we achieve,

The true development begins from the mind.

And believe it or not, i may not be kind!

But i want to be the responsible citizen of this land even if it costs my life!! *INDIA*

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