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Our First Meeting


Our First Meeting

                                       -Apurv Chauhan


I still remember the day we met for the first time. I knew the day we met, that we were meant to be ! I knew our fate was set that you were the one for me.

Well! Just to recall i don't think so that we met for shaking hands. Our friendship started with a fight which i will never ever forget.  

I didn't even know you. 

I only knew your name. 

I wasn't sure what to do.

 I didn't know who to blame. 

I knew you were really attractive oopz i mean you are!  

I could tell that you were nice. 

The butterflies and your speech was so active. 

That I couldn't think twice. 

Surrounded by our awesome friends watching the show and laughing.

In the end I just heard a "Shetup!".

Everything I did that day. 

Didn't show you who I am. 

Every time you came my way. 

My heart began to ram. 

My actions weren't natural. 

My reactions weren't real. 

I felt so very terrible. 

But my heart I did not wield. 

It just started. Our friendship, our new story, the story that changed our life! 

I knew the day we met. 

That we were meant to be,

I knew our fate was set,

As enemies, as friends, as lovers! *Ascending order ! 

For that girl whom my feelings will never fade.  #blush

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