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Let Me Think


Let Me Think _ Apurv Chauhan

One day I would like to look back on everything I have done and be able to say that I tried to be all that I could be. But I know that would be a lie. I don't try anymore, after my diagnosis, I have found myself numb to everything. I have lost all the motivation I once had to be successful, and follow my dreams. 

One day I hope I can get that back. 

For now I am trying to figure out to do with my life. I have an alright job as a manager of a restaurant nearby my house... That's an accomplishment for someone who just turned twenty, right?

Even if it is, or isn't, I don't care. I see it as an accomplishment since I have been in and out of the hospital the past six years of my life. 

But one day I hope to be more. I don't want to feel like I am losing more motivation every time I take a breath. Life is very short, and if anything, I want to live it while I can.



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I hope you can too! Great one!

Sophie Jones