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Just a thought !

Just A Thought _ Apurv Chauhan



Sometimes I wonder really how much we really know. And it scares me- if you really think deep about the Earth and how small in comparison we are to other planets, it's quite frightening. As a human, I often forget that there's more than just my city, my state, my country, the world. And when I do forget, I feel big- big to an ant, big to a leaf, big to anything that isn't a human. Then I look at a map and remember, there's more out there. But when I get really scared is when I think about what else is out there. Not just in our solar system, but beyond it. There's a whole other possible life beyond what we know. And besides the lack of technology to get us out there, what's stopping us? Fear. 

Fear doesn't just come from perspective of size. Fear comes from everything. Anything can hurt you, which is why life is cherished. That is why we celebrate life. Its amazing how many times a day we come close to death and we don't even know it. Fear today in a lot of minds comes from rejection, spiders, the dark. And that's okay. Because all of those things are scary. Fear drives us, we live off of fear. 

What happens when we can't see? Why does our imagination kick in right as we turn the light off and we have to go up the stairs? When you're awake at night laying in bed, why do you imagine someone is in the room with you? Like you can feel them breathing and hear every slight move they make- and it makes us go crazy. 

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