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HEY !!

Hey !! 


I would not Forget the Day we first met;

You looked so Pleasing,

And were smart and red,

I felt shy by your sudden presence,

But I couldn’t let my Eyes move away from You ,

And I still remember our first chance;

You saw me staring at you,

To which you smiled,

& stood behind me in the same queue.

Feeling timid and crossing my fingers,

Looking at the floor thoughts kept crossing my mind;

Thinking only about you;

But you Woke me up and said- ‘Now it’s your turn.’

I looked at you and then in front,

Found the guy standing behind the counter,

Waiting for me to give the order,

& I returned to my table with a McDonald’s burger,

Paving the same way you came to me,

To share the table you asked me,

Nodded positive & feeling uneasy I let you to share,

You started the conversation by asking I come from where,

But about my place you were unaware,

& like an Inspector you started inquiring,

And made me learn,

About the nearby places which I need to be aware,

& you continued talking even more about me,

Made me feel that you were so witty and nifty;

That evening we talked and talked about everywhere,

Hours spent like minutes & minutes into seconds,

I wanted to be with you,

I wanted to explore you,

But your phone call from home broke our lessons;

Disappointed you were that you have to leave,

& You were afraid about what I wonder

Silence aroused in the crowded place,

You gazed into my eyes & I looked at your face,

Fear overtook your infectious smile,

Which I removed by giving my mobile,

‘Feed your number’ I asked you,

You followed the order and returned my phone,

And inquired from me about the call after we are gone,

I didn’t say, I didn’t reply,

Just got up on my seat & gave a smile;

We shook hands while you sitting still,

I kissed your cheek & whispered into your ear,

I would call you so do not fear.

Your smile returned & so does mine,

We hugged and parted leaving a message on your mobile,

“Be ready Tonight. Would call you after nine!”

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