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Growing Up



Growing Up ! 

                                                     -Apurv Chauhan

10 years ago I knew nothing but fun,

No place to go but fields under the sun. 

8 years ago I laughed at my mistakes. 

Now a single smile, I can't even make!

6 years ago I knew a bit about pain,

But there was always someone who could stop the rain.

4 years ago I could still dry my tears,

Now there's nothing I can do to ease my fears!

2 years ago I thought love was a fairy tale, 

I didn't know I was wrong until the day I failed.

1 year ago it was easy to mend my heart, 

But now this pain is tearing me apart !

Wish I could go back to those years in my life,

Wish I could give up this crazy fight.

I know I can no longer take back the words I said,

Because now I'm a grown up and the kid in me is dead ! 


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