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Dream in school.

    Dream in School.

                                  - Apurv Chauhan 


When I see you in the morning in school, I tend to smile. Not all day but for a while. 

I watch you as I turn around. I remember every single sound. 

I watch you as you look at me. A wink. That's when I see your beauty.

I start to frown when you look away i guess away is where you'll stay.

I think its better to sleep. 

I go into a dreamy gaze in my dream. I was in a maze.

Having you would be my prize. If i get you is a surprise. 

Right, Left, Forward and back.

Trying to trace my every track.

Boundary here ! Boundary there !

Boundaries located everywhere !

I touch the side. I touch the ground.

I try to locate every sound. I hear the birds start to cheep.

I only hear one other peep. 

"help me! help me if you can."

I knew it was you I could only tell.

It wasn't the place nor the smell.

It was the sense of crush in fear.

It was a cry only my love can hear.

I try my best i sprint ahead.

If I was not with you i might as well be dead.

Tring Tring Tring. The bell goes off. The school is over. 

I turn the corner and there you are.

The definition of beauty. 

For that girl whom my feelings will never ever fade. For that cutest girl I have ever met. #blush


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