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~Best Friend Out there~


~Best Friend Out There~

    - Apurv Chauhan

I really have a lot to say about you baks !

Well ! I can't revive all our memories of 14 years friendship,

You have always been there for me when in need or without need. But i was the one who was not there. Sorry ! 

I don't know what i would have done without you in my life.

You are kind, loving, caring. *Isse jyada jhuth nhi bol sakta main. You are just the opposite. You are an asshole! But with a cute ass and a large hole !

We shared a lot of laughter along the way. PJs. Lavaras.

We hold each other secrets, deep in our hearts. 

Never shall they be revealed.

Never shall we turn against each other.

If someone were to hurt you i would go crazy. As you know i always ready for any babaal!

That's how special you are to me.

I couldn't bare the thought of seeing you cry, I would hurt deep down in.

I have known 1000s of people. *as my fb friend list says.

But never like you.

Many of them are special but i still don't have a clue.

Should i trust them? But you. You the man who is trustworthy.

How you got to be so wonderful. The world's most prefect friend i mean asshole.

You always stood my side even when i was wrong.

You believed in me no matter what. 

My arms are always open and i promise they will never shut.

Well ! Just forget those bad moments between us and lets complete that record of 1 lakh msgs !

 Your my Best Friend For Life ! !  

For that asshole with whom my laughter never stops. For my best friend, _ Akash Patel !

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