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Another Day

Another Day !

- Apurv Chauhan

I can't stop thinking about the things we do for each other. I always think about the things i love about you. When i sit here and think about you, my feeling and my love grows deeper for your soul. 

Was just recalling our cute memories and just landed on our so called "date" at ccd ! 

Well that day was really an exceptional one. Seriously the way we talked, the way we shared. Simply standing on the road and taking selfies :p As usual we met by exchanging choclate :* I will never ever forget your cute smile, your always glowing face, your never ending nakhras, your ram chowk wala pose, our hoody pose ! Well that hoody had something encrypted on it which said our initials. Reading your poems aloud was next to feeling when Obama gives a speech ! You will always have a key to my heart.

You are my inspiration, the reason of my motion. The heart of my whole body that makes up my fantasy. I need you like the air i breathe, and will not just leave your beneath. And how can i forget that ride? OMG ! That ride could be compared to driving beside Sebastian Vettel in any F1 race! Saying bye was the most difficult task in that whole day. But that wink of yours made my day. 

I was searching for something but i didn't know where to look. I searched for so long  and all my time it took. What was i looking for, or what was looking for me? My eyes i kept open but i just couldn't see. It was gnawing at my heart and ripping through my brain. Finally, one day it happened my heart completely changed. 30th November was that day, which i thought will never end. I found that missing piece and that was you and your love. And my love for you is eternal and will never come to an end !

For that girl for whom my feelings will never ever fade. For that cutest girl i have ever met ! #blush 


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